Let’s Talk About the Theme for NRW, 2023

Each year Reconciliation Australia selects a different theme to celebrate NRW. The theme for NRW 2023 is “Be a Voice for Generations”.  In this activity, educators will support children to explore the meaning and purpose of the theme. They will also consider practical opportunities for bringing the theme into classrooms, around the service, and with the […]

Caring for Country

In this activity, children watch the Play school episode ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ to help them to understand the significance of Country/place and to build a personal sense of responsibility for respecting the environment around them. Children are encouraged to become aware of and appreciate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributions to sustainable Land management. Children then […]

Come on in! An Invitation to a VIP Visitor

This activity teaches children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their local or wider Australian community, and the value of welcoming them into their learning environments.  It involves: 

Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Take an excursion or organise an incursion to learn about the historical and cultural significance of: This activity involves consulting the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to find out where and what is appropriate to learn about. It is important that you draw on existing relationships when planning something that needs consultation with the […]

Group Meeting

In this activity, children meet members of a group or committee with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation.  If it’s not possible to meet members, they could learn about the group and what they do.  This activity support children to: 

Mother Tongue

Children engage with a range of different film clips from the Mother Tongue project, produced by ABC Open. In doing so, they are encouraged to appreciate both the diversity and the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, cultures, stories and identities.

My Personal Network

Support children to reflect on the learning and sharing that happens in their everyday personal network. From this personal view, they explore how important strong and supportive networks are to advancing wider collective processes, like reconciliation. 

Publicising RAP progress

Celebrating RAP progress with your wider community is an important step in your early learning service’s reconciliation journey. Reflecting on how far you’ve come can also stimulate exciting new ideas about developing and sustaining your RAP into the future. This activity encourages children to play an active role in promoting and publicising RAP progress. 

Reconciliation Garden

Create a reconciliation garden to use as a place for learning about the importance of Country and explore knowledge on bush foods and native plants.

Sharing stories (Early Learning)

Listening directly to local Elders and Traditional Owners is the best way for them to share their histories and cultures. But this is not always possible on an immediate or regular basis.  In this activity, children watch, listen to and learn from the Sharing Stories Foundation stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.  Some […]

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