Colours as Cultural Symbols

This craft-based activity teaches children about the cultural meanings and significance of the colours that make up the Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander Flag.

Come on in! An Invitation to a VIP Visitor

This activity teaches children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in their local or wider Australian community, and the value of welcoming them into their learning environments.  It involves: 

Community Building Blocks

Guide children to construct a basic model of their local area with building blocks. Then mark important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander places, community sites and organisations within the area.  Talk positively with the children about who they might meet at these places, and what important things they might learn there.

Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Take an excursion or organise an incursion to learn about the historical and cultural significance of: This activity involves consulting the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to find out where and what is appropriate to learn about. It is important that you draw on existing relationships when planning something that needs consultation with the […]

Difference is Deadly!

This activity helps children to develop an early awareness of personal or cultural differences, and a positive attitude towards difference, by celebrating what makes them special and unique. Reflecting on cultural identity and what makes you unique can help you to better understand and appreciate other people and cultures. These early attitudes and understandings can […]

Group Meeting

In this activity, children meet members of a group or committee with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation.  If it’s not possible to meet members, they could learn about the group and what they do.  This activity support children to: 

Languages Map Activity

This activity uses a range of map representations to engage children in thinking about the languages of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia and the distinct physical and socio-cultural geographies to which they belong.

Let’s Talk About the Theme for NRW, 2016

Each year Reconciliation Australia selects a different theme to celebrate NRW. For example, the theme for NRW in 2016 was Our History, Our Story, Our Future, which came from The 2016 State of Reconciliation in Australia Report.  That theme asked all Australians to reflect on our national identity, and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait […]

Let’s Talk About the Theme for NRW, 2017

The theme for NRW 2017 is Let’s Take The Next Steps. In this activity, educators support children to explore the purpose of the 2017 theme and to create their own NRW poster.

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