Protest Music and the Vietnam Moratorium

How can music be used to help us have our say? How can it help us explore something we’re passionate about? How can it be used to exercise our freedom of speech? Join the MoAD Learning team as we answer these questions by examining the events of the Vietnam Moratorium. Use the following podcast, Spotify […]

School Leadership and Student Voice Podcast

Hear from Marc Warwick and Marissa Owens, members of the Bonython Leadership team as they discuss their journey to empowering student voice and agency across the school and into the local community.

Student Voice Podcast Series

These bite-sized podcast episodes have been created to spark conversation with students about different elements of students’ voices. Recorded in collaboration with the Stage 3 Empowered Students Leadership Team at Bonython Primary School.

Dear Greta

This resource is an example of how young people could be actively involved in a democracy by way of letter writing. This is linked with the episode ‘How Can Kids Get Involved’ for primary school students. Aimed at primary and secondary school students, this podcast supports the building up of leadership skills by encouraging political […]

The PM’s Daughter

A novel by Meredith Costain based on the ABC series of the same name, follow Cat – a young activist that seeks to speak out and fight the powers that be. There’s just one complication . . . her mum is the Prime Minister. Use this text alongside a series of activities to explore what […]

How can kids get involved?

The resource highlights local politics at the level of the suburb, school and home. In here, students are engaged to examine issues that are much closer to home, access information about their local communities, and analyse ways in which to get involved.

What happens in Parliament?

The student becomes acquainted with the processes of law creation and the Shoutfest as a venue for citizens to air their perspectives.

What is an election?

Focuses on local issues, particularly on the exercise of democracy within Australia, as most exemplified in the federal elections and representation. Children are given the primary handle of how their voices are represented in the chambers of governance.

Why Canberra?

The student gets to know Australia’s local history of its struggle for democracy. This unit acquaints primary school students to the workings of a democacry and how active citizenship is part and parcel of this model of governance, therefore, locating themselves in the wider Australian political landscape.

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