Online boundaries and consent

The activities in this suite are designed to support students as they learn about online consent and permission, and how to define online boundaries.

Mighty Heroes

This suite includes four short animated video chapters and supporting educator notes. Each one features a hero and their online safety superpower.

Privacy and security

This classroom activity is designed to empower students to protect their online privacy and personal information that identifies them. Students will learn about the skills required to create safer online environments.

Caring for Country

In this activity, children watch the Play school episode ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ to help them to understand the significance of Country/place and to build a personal sense of responsibility for respecting the environment around them. Children are encouraged to become aware of and appreciate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributions to sustainable Land management. Children then […]

Mother Tongue

Children engage with a range of different film clips from the Mother Tongue project, produced by ABC Open. In doing so, they are encouraged to appreciate both the diversity and the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, cultures, stories and identities.

Play School ‘Walking Together’ Special Episode

Play school is an educational children’s show produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. To celebrate NRW in 2021, Play school shared a special ‘Walking together’ episode. In this activity, educators will support children to learn how they can take action towards reconciliation. 

Sharing stories (Early Learning)

Listening directly to local Elders and Traditional Owners is the best way for them to share their histories and cultures. But this is not always possible on an immediate or regular basis.  In this activity, children watch, listen to and learn from the Sharing Stories Foundation stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.  Some […]

Welcome to Country (Early Learning)

In this activity, children reflect on what it means to feel and be welcomed by others. They develop a basic awareness of personal responsibilities in being a welcomed visitor or guest.  They engage with the significance of the elements of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Welcome to Country and watch some videos online with WelcomeToCountry. 

Teachers for First Nations Education

These resources are designed to help teachers connect their students with Aboriginal culture, history and strength in their local community. They also help educators vercome obstacles and develop new practices to help students discover the history and culture of their local area, and this land as a whole.

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