Questions we have about the internet

This classroom activity is designed to help students understand the internet is a digital network that connects people all over the world. This means it is important to be safe when you go online.

Australia’s Engagement with Asia: Indonesia

Case studies in water, food, urbanisation and human wellbeing Australia’s engagement with Asia: Indonesia is an engaging and easy-to-use teaching resource that supports the Australian Curriculum: Geography. It includes six DVD chapters with related texts and worksheets developed by World Vision and the Australian Geography Teachers Association.

Papua New Guinea: health and human well-being

Papua New Guinea: health and human well-being is an engaging and easy to use resource that supports the Australian curriculum: Geography – especially Global geographies of human well-being. It includes five video chapters with related texts to facilitate an enquiry approach to development geography. In small groups, students are invited to work for a non-government organisation, conduct […]

Examining Child Labour photo kit

Students are introduced to the topic of child labour through a series of worksheets and accompanying photos exploring the questions:

Lucy’s Story

Students learn about the life of a girl living in rural Uganda. They consider the differences and similarities between their own lives and Lucy’s, and between living conditions in Australia compared with Uganda. Students develop their listening, recall, and storytelling skills by recreating Lucy’s Story as a picture book.

Aid: What are the different types?

This activity explains the differences between bilateral, non-government, and multilateral aid. Students also consider why people make donations and provide aid towards overseas development.

What is poverty?

Students develop their understanding of poverty through exploring the impacts on people living in poverty. They consider some of the consequences of poverty on people and their wellbeing. Students learn about some of the indicators of global poverty and compare the indicators for Australia and Uganda.

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