The Regenerators

Learning about our environment and our power to protect it through a curated series of videos that are perfect to play in the classroom and prompt discussions about sustainability, waste and climate change.

Local and Global Citizenship: The Role of NGOs

What NGOs are and why they exist – this is the DEFINITION.The ways in which they work to combat social injustices – these are the ACTIONS they take.The things that limit the work of NGOs – these are the DIFFICULTIES they have to overcome.These are the key terms you’ll need to remember: DEFINITION – ACTIONS […]

Local and Global Citizenship: Democratic Participation

There are three main ways to get involved in democracy:You can create the CHANGE you want to see through civic engagement.You can have your VOICE heard through political activism.You can ENGAGE in electoral politics.These are the key terms you’ll need to remember:CHANGE – VOICE – ENGAGE

Local and Global Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities

We all have human RIGHTS. The GOVERNMENT creates laws to protect these rights.We must be aware of our RESPONSIBILITIES, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their human rights equally. These three terms will remind you: RIGHTS – GOVERNMENT – RESPONSIBILITIES

Local and Global Citizenship: Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and what makes a society diverse? Think CULTURE.The challenges of living in a diverse society. Think CONFLICT.Ways to manage conflict and promote inclusion. Think COMMUNITY.Use the three ‘Cs’ as a reminder: CULTURE – CONFLICT – COMMUNITY

Global Citizenship Challenge

Explore techniques such as mind mapping, blue-sky thinking and the six hats technique can help you come up with creative and innovative ideas then using different techniques, identify what information to collect during the problem-solving process. Credibility criteria can be used in determining how believable the sources are.

Secondary Citizenship

Clips for Secondary Citizenship, aimed at 14- to 16-year-olds, which are anchored in real life, taking vibrant issues and getting straight to the heart of some of the key subject areas that inform the Citizenship curriculum.

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