A Better Normal: Girls call for a revolutionary reset

In 2020, alongside Plan International’s youth leaders in Vietnam, the Youth Activists led research into the challenges faced by girls, young women and non-binary folk as a result of COVID-19. Not only did they delve into the issues that COVID-19 exposed in our systems, but they also highlighted young people’s dreams and solutions for a […]

Behind the Brands

Fun for use in the classroom, students can take a closer look behind the 10 biggest food and beverage brands to review and assess their scorecard performance on issues such as women, workers, farmers, land, water and climate.

Send My Friend to School

Investing in teachers is vital for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 – the global goal on education. Yet there are still not enough teachers to support the education of all children around the world. These resources empower young people to influence their MPs and the Government to lead the G7 countries to recruit […]

Making Sense of the Climate Emergency: Exploring thoughts, feelings and actions

Eco-anxiety is on the rise and there is a growing need for young people to be supported to face the reality of climate change, to talk about their concerns and consider potential responses. With inspiring case studies and creative ideas for taking action, this cross-curricular resource for ages 8-14 helps learners to: make sense of […]

Protest Music and the Vietnam Moratorium

How can music be used to help us have our say? How can it help us explore something we’re passionate about? How can it be used to exercise our freedom of speech? Join the MoAD Learning team as we answer these questions by examining the events of the Vietnam Moratorium. Use the following podcast, Spotify […]

Active Voice

These are instructional materials that orient students of ways and means to express/voice out their concerns on social and political issues. These include Protest, Petitio, Voting, Writing to Your Member, Media Interview

Dear Greta

This resource is an example of how young people could be actively involved in a democracy by way of letter writing. This is linked with the episode ‘How Can Kids Get Involved’ for primary school students. Aimed at primary and secondary school students, this podcast supports the building up of leadership skills by encouraging political […]

Ming & Flo

With a focus on the suffragette movement, students come to understand why women had to fight for their rights to suffrage. While it may appear ‘common sense’ now that participation is a given, not long time ago, people had to assert for the majority to see from another sectoral filter, that of women’s lenses, and […]

The PM’s Daughter

A novel by Meredith Costain based on the ABC series of the same name, follow Cat – a young activist that seeks to speak out and fight the powers that be. There’s just one complication . . . her mum is the Prime Minister. Use this text alongside a series of activities to explore what […]

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