Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Take an excursion or organise an incursion to learn about the historical and cultural significance of: This activity involves consulting the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to find out where and what is appropriate to learn about. It is important that you draw on existing relationships when planning something that needs consultation with the […]

Reconciliation Garden

Create a reconciliation garden to use as a place for learning about the importance of Country and explore knowledge on bush foods and native plants.

Welcome to Country (Early Learning)

In this activity, children reflect on what it means to feel and be welcomed by others. They develop a basic awareness of personal responsibilities in being a welcomed visitor or guest.  They engage with the significance of the elements of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Welcome to Country and watch some videos online with WelcomeToCountry. 

Traditional Culture Had Nothing To Waste

Students investigate the resources used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for tens of thousands of years. They compare their resource use with what we consume today. Students extrapolate and compare the impact on our environment.

Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Through an incursion or excursion, students learn about the historical and cultural significance of the Country on which their school is situated, and about other culturally significant sites in their local area.

Caring for Country (Secondary)

Caring for Country/place and looking after the lands, seas and skies on which one lives and learns is everyone’s responsibility. It’s important to acknowledge that there are many different ways to take and share responsibility for caring for Country that may seem like small steps, but which hold big significance. Learning from Aboriginal and Torres […]

Caring for Country (Primary)

In this activity, students will explore what Country/place means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They watch the Play school episode ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ to help them to understand the significance of Country/place and to build a personal sense of responsibility for respecting the environment around them. Students are encouraged to become aware of […]

Welcome to Country

Senior elder of the Wurundjeri people, Aunty Joy Murphy welcomes us to Country with a Wurundjeri wominjeka (welcome).

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