Local and Global Citizenship: Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and what makes a society diverse? Think CULTURE.The challenges of living in a diverse society. Think CONFLICT.Ways to manage conflict and promote inclusion. Think COMMUNITY.Use the three ‘Cs’ as a reminder: CULTURE – CONFLICT – COMMUNITY

Tackling racism in Australia

Tackling racism in Australia is a unit of work that encourages students to think about diversity, particularly in relation to people, groups and their cultures, to affirm and celebrate difference and to use their understanding of diversity to act with respect, empathy and trust. In this unit, students explore the impact of discrimination and harassment […]

Take a stand against racism

Take a stand against racism is a unit of work designed to equip young people to take a stand against racism in their schools and communities, by valuing diversity and encouraging others to do the same. In this unit, students explore issues of racism and its impact on people from diverse backgrounds. They also consider […]

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