Difference is Deadly!

This activity helps children to develop an early awareness of personal or cultural differences, and a positive attitude towards difference, by celebrating what makes them special and unique. Reflecting on cultural identity and what makes you unique can help you to better understand and appreciate other people and cultures. These early attitudes and understandings can […]

Racism. No Way!

Support children to work their way through some anti-prejudice activities developed by the NSW Government and the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission.   These activities are designed to help young learners build foundational knowledge and skills to counter racism, prejudice and discrimination. 

Lucy’s Story

Students learn about the life of a girl living in rural Uganda. They consider the differences and similarities between their own lives and Lucy’s, and between living conditions in Australia compared with Uganda. Students develop their listening, recall, and storytelling skills by recreating Lucy’s Story as a picture book.

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