Vote for Me

Shows the workings of democracy in a local context, e.g., school student election. Through the exploration of preferential voting, students are initiated into the democratic processes of elections, including on how to use persuasive words.

Australian Democracy Facts

Democracy Matters explores some of most significant facts about Australia’s democratic system, from federation to representative democracy and voting.

Ming & Flo

With a focus on the suffragette movement, students come to understand why women had to fight for their rights to suffrage. While it may appear ‘common sense’ now that participation is a given, not long time ago, people had to assert for the majority to see from another sectoral filter, that of women’s lenses, and […]

What is an election?

Focuses on local issues, particularly on the exercise of democracy within Australia, as most exemplified in the federal elections and representation. Children are given the primary handle of how their voices are represented in the chambers of governance.

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