Right Wrongs (Secondary)

This activity aims to raise students’ awareness of the idea that including all people equally doesn’t necessarily result in including all people equitably. It encourages critical thinking about the distinct roles that equality and equity play in inclusive policies and practices.

Right Wrongs (Primary)

The ABC Right Wrongs platform shares primary and archival resources to provide a holistic view of life before, during and after 27 May 1967. The platform was created to provide public access to personal stories, opinions and historical recordings of what happened, while asking viewers how far we have come since 1967. Right Wrongs can […]

Global Citizenship: Activities for Ages 7-11

Develop an understanding of social justice, equality and sustainability within the existing curriculum. Explore concepts such as ‘rich’ and ‘poor’, our similarities and differences, the origins of food, conflict resolution, and how we can all make a difference.

Go Bananas

Discover where our food comes from. Learners can gain a vivid insight into the banana supply chain and research the countries where bananas are grown. They will get to grips with Fairtrade and think critically about the enormous impact it can have on the lives of smallholder farmers.

Disability Discrimination in Sport

Disability Rights, Accessibility and Liveability is a unit of work that addresses the issues surrounding the liveability of places for people with disabilities. This includes urban planning for accessibility and liveability, community inclusion of people with disabilities, and strategies to improve the liveability and accessibility of places and services for people with disabilities. In this […]

Disability Discrimination in Sport

Disability Discrimination in Sport is a unit of work that encourages students to explore the issue of discrimination against people with disabilities in sport. This unit focuses on themes of mental health and wellbeing, relationships, and games and sports. Issues explored include the diversity of people who participate in sport, the impacts of discrimination and […]

Disability Rights, Inclusion and Sport

Disability Rights, Inclusion and Sport is a unit of work designed to give students a greater understanding of the rights of people with disabilities and equip them with skills to promote greater inclusion in sport. This unit provides opportunities for students to explore the importance of team sports and physical activity for people with disabilities […]

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