Performance in a Family/Community Place

In this activity, children plan and carry out a simple but culturally appropriate and meaningful performance to Family and Community Room visitors to show their pride in, and respect for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. The performance should help to make local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and community members feel […]

Reconciliation Every Day

Educators help children to think about reconciliation as something you can do both every day and on days of national significance. Children will talk about acts of reconciliation they could do every day, such as an Acknowledgement of Country. They will also talk about days of special national significance. Children will understand that working towards […]

Reconciliation in Action

Reconciliation means different things to different people. For schools and early learning services, reconciliation involves everyone understanding and valuing that we can learn, know, speak and be different.  A large part of learning about, and working towards, reconciliation is learning about and respecting Australia’s First Peoples. In this activity, use the ‘head, heart, hand’ model […]

Sharing my story

Sharing stories can make children proud of who they are. It’s a good way to:  For non-Indigenous children, hearing stories from their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peers is a valuable learning opportunity.  This activity can be integrated into structured story or show-and-tell time. 

Sharing stories (Early Learning)

Listening directly to local Elders and Traditional Owners is the best way for them to share their histories and cultures. But this is not always possible on an immediate or regular basis.  In this activity, children watch, listen to and learn from the Sharing Stories Foundation stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.  Some […]

You are here – We don’t need a map

This curriculum resource is based on an SBS Learn resource, developed in partnership with Reconciliation Australia. It is shaped around six short clips from the documentary film, We Don’t Need a Map. As well as exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander understandings of, and relationships to, the Southern Cross constellation, We Don’t Need a Map […]

Let’s Talk About the Theme for NRW, 2016 (Secondary)

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a chance for all of us to take renewed action to spark a change in our schools, workplaces and communities—no matter how big or small. Each year Reconciliation Australia selects a different theme to celebrate NRW. The theme for NRW 2016 is Our History, Our Story, Our Future. In this […]

Let’s Talk About the Theme for NRW, 2016 (Primary)

Our History, Our Story, Our Future is derived from The State of Reconciliation in Australia report, which asks all Australians to reflect on our national identity, and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights in our nation’s story.

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