Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Take an excursion or organise an incursion to learn about the historical and cultural significance of: This activity involves consulting the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to find out where and what is appropriate to learn about. It is important that you draw on existing relationships when planning something that needs consultation with the […]

Difference is Deadly!

This activity helps children to develop an early awareness of personal or cultural differences, and a positive attitude towards difference, by celebrating what makes them special and unique. Reflecting on cultural identity and what makes you unique can help you to better understand and appreciate other people and cultures. These early attitudes and understandings can […]

Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody – ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’

Children listen to, and learn to sing and understand, the lyrics to Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody’s ‘From little things big things grow’ as a way to  develop an early awareness of historical socio-economic injustices towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Children will also appreciate the importance and opportunities associated with supporting Aboriginal and […]

Connection to Country Incursion or Excursion

Through an incursion or excursion, students learn about the historical and cultural significance of the Country on which their school is situated, and about other culturally significant sites in their local area.

Right Wrongs (Secondary)

This activity aims to raise students’ awareness of the idea that including all people equally doesn’t necessarily result in including all people equitably. It encourages critical thinking about the distinct roles that equality and equity play in inclusive policies and practices.

Right Wrongs (Primary)

The ABC Right Wrongs platform shares primary and archival resources to provide a holistic view of life before, during and after 27 May 1967. The platform was created to provide public access to personal stories, opinions and historical recordings of what happened, while asking viewers how far we have come since 1967. Right Wrongs can […]

First Australians

The history of Australia from an Indigenous peoples’ perspective, beginning with the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet in Sydney and ending in 1993 with Eddie Kolki Mabo’s legal challenge.

Australia’s Democratic History

This resource focuses on the historical facts and key milestones in Australia’s history and the people involved in the forging of a democratic country.

Why Canberra?

The student gets to know Australia’s local history of its struggle for democracy. This unit acquaints primary school students to the workings of a democacry and how active citizenship is part and parcel of this model of governance, therefore, locating themselves in the wider Australian political landscape.

Bringing them Home

This resource is designed to help students understand the issues surrounding the forcible removal of Indigenous people in Australian history. It complements the Commission’s report Bringing them home: National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, published in 1997.

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