Raising Our Voices: Music resources for 7-11 year olds

Inspire and motivate learners to explore the role of music in social change. Focusing on issues of inequality, this resource will enable learners to consider aspects of human rights and equality issues and discover how music has been used to express people’s voices.

Amnesty International


Secondary Schools’ Parliamentary Convention 2022

The Victorian Students’ Parliamentary Program (VSPP) consists of a series of student conventions, which provide students with opportunities to learn about Australia’s constitution and systems of government. Students learn through participation in informed, parliamentary style debates on a range of topics affecting Australia’s democracy. Schools from all sectors can opt-into the program to support the […]

Local and Global Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities

We all have human RIGHTS. The GOVERNMENT creates laws to protect these rights.We must be aware of our RESPONSIBILITIES, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their human rights equally. These three terms will remind you: RIGHTS – GOVERNMENT – RESPONSIBILITIES

Tackling sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a significant issue in the Australian community including in schools. Tackling sexual harassment is designed to engage students in an active examination of sexual harassment; its causes, effects and strategies to address it. By understanding their rights and responsibilities, students can work together to identify and address sexual harassment in their school […]

Child rights

Child rights is designed to help students explore the specific rights of children. The activities will enable students to understand the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and what it means for children in Australia. This resource will also help students to develop an understanding of the rights of children in Australian […]

Understanding human rights

Understanding human rights is designed to help students understand basic human rights concepts, the origins of modern human rights, and how human rights apply to everyday life. The activities include exploring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights instruments.

The Globalising World: Changing policies and Australian identity

The Globalising World is a unit of work that investigates how migration from 1945 to the present day has shaped Australian society. In particular this unit focuses on the impacts of changing immigration policies and the development of human rights and anti-racism movements in Australia. In this unit, students investigate how racist values in the […]

An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities

An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities provides students with the opportunity to explore the meaning of ‘rights’ and develop an understanding of human rights, and the responsibilities that complement them. This resource has been designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard but can also be used on any internet enabled device, including a […]

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