Where Did My Phone Go?

Students will explore issues associated with the disposal of mobile phones and other digital devices. They will then consider how the practices of a circular economy could be applied as a way to resolve or reduce the impact of these issues. The lesson concludes with students creating a poster to encourage others to dispose of […]

Recycle Rescue – Trivia Quiz – Years 7 & 8

This lesson is an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge and understanding about the environmental benefits of recycling mobile phones and printer cartridges. Students will work in small groups to prepare questions for their own “Recycle Rescue Trivia Quiz”. By creating their own quiz game, students will have the opportunity to work co-operatively, practice […]

Recycle Rescue – NAPLAN-Style Narrative Writing Practice – Year 5

Students will use a MobileMuster video to stimulate discussion about the benefits of recycling. Students will then complete a creative narrative writing task based on stimulus material which includes reference to mobile phones, printer cartridges and recycling bins. This writing task provides students with an opportunity to be imaginative and to further develop their own […]

MobileMuster – NAPLAN Style Persuasive Writing Practice

Students will learn about the importance of recycling electronic devices, including mobile phones. They will draw on new knowledge and understandings to develop a persuasive writing piece encouraging others to consider their choices when disposing of electronics. Students will develop skills in selecting specific persuasive techniques to enhance the impact of their writing. This lesson […]

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