Global Citizenship: Assembly Ideas

The following assembly ideas get learners thinking about justice, equity, and sustainability. Topics include reducing waste, co-operation, our links with others across the world, diversity, and local and global news. There is also an assembly calendar to help you keep up-to-date with hot topics.

PM’s Daughter Media Literacy Resources

The resources consist of activities which utilise content from the series coupled with active student participation, building knowledge of our democratic processes and civic responsibilities with a strong focus on developing media literacy and critical thinking skills.

Local and Global Citizenship: Rights and Responsibilities

We all have human RIGHTS. The GOVERNMENT creates laws to protect these rights.We must be aware of our RESPONSIBILITIES, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their human rights equally. These three terms will remind you: RIGHTS – GOVERNMENT – RESPONSIBILITIES

Vote for Me

Shows the workings of democracy in a local context, e.g., school student election. Through the exploration of preferential voting, students are initiated into the democratic processes of elections, including on how to use persuasive words.

Back Me Up

These are student-produced videos in response to bullying

Young people in the workplace

This resource will help students understand the issues around workplace discrimination. The activities include exploring different types of discrimination can occur at work – including on the basis of race, age, sex and disability – and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. A video has been developed to complement the resource and activity […]

Tackling sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a significant issue in the Australian community including in schools. Tackling sexual harassment is designed to engage students in an active examination of sexual harassment; its causes, effects and strategies to address it. By understanding their rights and responsibilities, students can work together to identify and address sexual harassment in their school […]

Understanding human rights

Understanding human rights is designed to help students understand basic human rights concepts, the origins of modern human rights, and how human rights apply to everyday life. The activities include exploring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights instruments.

An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities

An Introduction to Human Rights and Responsibilities provides students with the opportunity to explore the meaning of ‘rights’ and develop an understanding of human rights, and the responsibilities that complement them. This resource has been designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard but can also be used on any internet enabled device, including a […]

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