Where Did My Phone Go?

Students will explore issues associated with the disposal of mobile phones and other digital devices. They will then consider how the practices of a circular economy could be applied as a way to resolve or reduce the impact of these issues. The lesson concludes with students creating a poster to encourage others to dispose of […]

Renewable Or Non-renewable, That Is The Question

In this activity, students investigate the meanings of renewable and non-renewable resources and look at the role of recycling for these resources. As a class, students create a survey to find out what ideas for improving the school’s waste management system other students and staff have for your school. Finally, students should create a plan […]

Australian Youth Climate Coalition – Switched on Schools

We are a movement of students who care about our future and want to grow up in a fairer and cleaner world. Dangerous climate change is affecting the people and places we love right now. But we have an amazing opportunity to shift Australia towards a future powered by the wind and sun, with clean […]

Solar Powered Oven

Turn sunlight into an oven to roast marshmallows and melt cheese! This activity is a tasty way to learn how light energy can be transmitted, absorbed and reflected.

Ending Plastic Pollution

Zero-waste futures… What can individuals, governments and policies do to achieve this goal? Watch to learn about the disproportionate impact of plastic pollution on people in developing countries and the ways people and brands, like Head & Shoulders, are solving the problem around the world.

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