Protest Music and the Vietnam Moratorium

How can music be used to help us have our say? How can it help us explore something we’re passionate about? How can it be used to exercise our freedom of speech? Join the MoAD Learning team as we answer these questions by examining the events of the Vietnam Moratorium. Use the following podcast, Spotify […]

Hansard Speeches – Youth Voice in Parliament Week

Explore youth voice and agency in action through this HansART resource; a collection of speeches by young people delivered in federal parliament as part of Raise Our Voice Australia’s Youth Voice in Parliament Week. Young people up to the age of 21 were asked to submit a 90 second speech answering the question: What do […]

PM’s Daughter Media Literacy Resources

The resources consist of activities which utilise content from the series coupled with active student participation, building knowledge of our democratic processes and civic responsibilities with a strong focus on developing media literacy and critical thinking skills.

Digital Storytellers for Change

Learn how to FIND, MAKE, EDIT and SHARE amazing and affordable stories in house – using tools and resources you already have. The rise of digital technology puts the incredible power of storytelling in your hands. What story will you tell?

Teacher Professional Learning

The Parliamentary Education Office provides professional learning for teachers and pre-service teachers. Our programs are free, accredited and align with the Australian Curriculum. We help teachers deliver informative and engaging parliamentary and civics and citizenship curriculum for their students.

Australia’s Democratic History

This resource focuses on the historical facts and key milestones in Australia’s history and the people involved in the forging of a democratic country.

Democracy Poster – Analysis

Poster informs the students about local Australian democratic system and encourages students to become active citizens.

Australian Democracy Facts

Democracy Matters explores some of most significant facts about Australia’s democratic system, from federation to representative democracy and voting.

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